Teatro e Storia


Editorial Board:

Eugenio Barba, Eugenia Casini Ropa, Clelia Falletti, Stefano Geraci, Raimondo Guarino, Franco Ruffini, Nicola Savarese, Ferdinando Taviani

Editorial Committee:

Raffaella Di Tizio, Doriana Legge, Samantha Marenzi, Francesca Romana Rietti, Gabriele Sofia

Editorial in chief:

Mirella Schino (mirella.schino@gmail.com)

Teatro e Storia is a journal of theatre studies established in 1986. It was founded by Fabrizio Cruciani (1941-1992), Claudio Meldolesi (1942-2009), Ferdinando Taviani, Franco Ruffini, Nicola Savarese, Eugenia Casini Ropa and Daniele Seragnoli. Mirella Schino has coordinated the editorial activities since 2003. The journal is certainly not identical to how it was at the time of its foundation, yet stability is one of the characteristics of our editorial team: it is a place for shared study projects, exchanges and debate. TeS was initially published by il Mulino, from Bologna. In 2000 il Mulino was substituted by Bulzoni, from Rome. TeS is not supported by public institutions and does not receive regular financing. One of the interests fostering the journal is that of acting as a training ground for future as well as established scholars. This is one of the reasons why in 2009 we adopted the "peer review" system. Since 2015 the editorial staff has been extended to include an "editorial committee" composed of younger scholars.

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