Teatro e Storia


Editorial in chief:

Mirella Schino

Editorial Board:

Matteo Casari, Raffaella Di Tizio, Doriana Legge, Samantha Marenzi, Francesca Romana Rietti, Gabriele Sofia Valentina Venturini, Aldo Roma

Emeritus editors: Eugenio Barba, Eugenia Casini Ropa; Clelia Falletti; Jean Marie Pradier; Franco Ruffini; Nicola Savarese. Fabrizio Cruciani (1941-1992), Claudio Meldolesi(1942-2009) e Ferdinando Taviani (1942-2020) sono stati fondatori di «Teatro e Storia» insieme a Casini Ropa, Ruffini, Savarese, Daniele Seragnoli.

Scientific Committee:

Paul Allain; Marie-Christine Autant-Mathieu; Monika Blige; Vicki Ann Cremona; Raphaëlle Doyon; Zofia Dworakowska; Maggie Gale; Stefano Geraci; Raimondo Guarino; Stefan Hulfeld; Patrick Le Bœuf; Annelis Kuhlmann; Lluís Masgrau Peya; Jan Lazardzig;

“Teatro e Storia” is a journal of theatre studies established in 1986. It was founded by Fabrizio Cruciani (1941-1992), Claudio Meldolesi (1942-2009), Ferdinando Taviani (1942-2020), Franco Ruffini, Nicola Savarese, Eugenia Casini Ropa and Daniele Seragnoli. In 2000 its first publishing house, il Mulino, from Bologna, was replaced by Bulzoni, from Rome. Mirella Schino has coordinated the editorial activities since 2003. Notwithstanding the many transformations of the editorial board, a feature of the journal remains its being an environment of shared studies, of exchanges and debate. A priority for TeS is to be a training ground for younger as much as for accomplished scholars. This is one of the reasons why in 2009 we adopted the “peer review” system. And for the same reason, in addition to the essays, in the different issues more and more space is given to the “Dossiers”: collections of different materials, results of the cooperative work of various authors, moments of debate, explorations of questions, of breaking up of consolidated points of view. Being a journal that strives to deal with history as a current topic – and with current events as a historical topic – we have been taking care of border areas by combining more standard essays with “letters”, short unscientific articles written both by scholars and by theatre makers.

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