Teatro e Storia


“Peer review” is a system to read and evaluate the papers submitted to a journal. “Teatro e Storia” has been using the peer review system for more than ten years, since issue 29 (2009), proceeding in this way: the editor-in-chief proposes to read anonymously the essays to an external reader. The same essay is read anonymously also by at least one of the members of the scienfic committee and of the editorial board. The opinion formulated by the two readers on the essay, on its originality, on the opportunity to publish it, in addition to the possible suggestions to improve and complete it is then anonymously transmitted to the authors, in a double blind system. The sort of comment sheet requested by “Teatro e Storia” is not simply an evaluation, but an attentive reading aimed at indicating not only the weak points but also the innovative, original and interesting aspects of an essay, or at suggesting how to overcome its possible minor weaknesses. This is not only a way to guarantee the quality of what is published in our journal but also to pursue a commitment towards the younger authors, and to keep alive a propositive, not aggressive discussion in theatre studies. The essays external to the editorial board must be sent within April 30 to Mirella Schino (mirella.schino@gmail.com) who will forward them to the two referees. An answer will be given before the end of May. The list of the authors of the external comment sheets is published on the website every three issues. As a general rule, in the 3-year period external referees are not asked to revise more than one essay. We thank for their revisions of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 issues, apart from all the members of the editorial board, also: Maria Ines Alverti, Giovanni Azzaroni, Ida Biggi, Anna Carocci, Matteo Casari, Livia Cavaglieri, Elena Cervellati, Roberto Ciancarelli, Fabrizio Fiaschini, Martí Fons Sastre, Renzo Guardenti, Gerardo Guccini, Silvia Mei, Bernadette Majorana, Lluis Masgrau, Luciano Mariti, Donatella Orecchia, Franco Perrelli, Marzia Pieri, Elena Randi, Gabriella Sacco, Francesca Simoncini, Alessandra Tarquini.