Teatro e Storia


"Peer review" is a system to read and evaluate the papers submitted to a journal. It implies a preliminary reading by two scholars who formulate their opinion in writing, if possible combined with proposals for improvement. Teatro e Storia has been using the peer review system since issue 29 (2009). The editor of the issue sends the essay anonimously to two readers, generally one internal to the editorial team and one external. The overall evaluation and and the suggestions to improve the essay formulated by the two readers are then anonimously transmitted to the authors, in a double blind system. The opinion of the two referees about the acceptance of the essay is never binding. The sort of referral requested by Teatro e Storia is not an evaluation, but an attentive reading aimed at indicating the innovative and interesting aspects of an essay and suggesting how to overcome its possible weaknesses. This is a way to guarantee the quality of what is published in our journal and to sustain proactive discussions in theatre studies. The essays, whether external or internal to the editorial board, must be sent within the month of June to Mirella Schino (mirella.schino@gmail.com) who will forward them to two referees. External referees are usually asked for one referral every three years. The list of the authors of the referrals is published on the website every three issues, and can be viewed for the three following years. The readers for the essays submitted for issues 35, 36, 37, were all the members of the editorial board: Eugenio Barba, Eugenia Casini Ropa, Clelia Falletti, Raimondo Guarino, Franco Ruffini, Nicola Savarese, Ferdinando Taviani. We wish to thank all the people external to the editorial team who accepted the role of referees for these issues: Enrico Pitozzi, Stefano Locatelli, Gerardo Guccini, Marco Consolini, Maria Ines Aliverti, Marco De Marinis, Giuliano Campo, Alessandro Tinterri, Valentina Venturini, Guido Di Palma, Stefano Mazzoni, Roberto Ciancarelli, Matteo Casari, Enrico Menduni, Laura Mariani, Fabrizio Fiaschini, Luciano Mariti, Pasquale Stoppelli, Bernadette Majorana, Silvia Mei.